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Have You Seen God?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.”

Job 42:5

I dropped my head. This was my second time taking the exam that would determine if I would graduate with my Master’s degree and I managed to fail twice. I didn’t know whether to cry, slam my laptop shut, or just scream. I successfully made it to my last semester of grad school with a perfect GPA and an approved graduation application, just to not be able to pass a test that I should have been able to pass with flying colors. In the midst of me gathering myself and swallowing the lump in my throat, I called my husband and told him of the devastating results. Because my husband knows me so well and knew my “all or nothing” mindset was going 100 miles per hour, he suggested that I reach out to my guidance counselor and the professor to see what could be done. I hung the phone up and sent an email to my professor informing him that I had failed the exam (of course he already knew) and inquired of the next steps I should take. My professor informed me that I would be required to retake the exam during the summer. I reached out to my guidance counselor and informed her of the same thing. Sadly, she informed me that I would not be able to graduate in Spring as planned and I would be required to apply for August graduation.

Towards the end of 2021, God had me to study the entire book of Job. I must be honest Job is not my favorite book in the bible, simply because who likes to think about suffering and losing as much as Job did? However, I moved forward in obedience. Every chapter read was eye opening-- so much to the point that I almost underlined the entire book. As I came to the close of my study of the book of Job, I read a verse that would be very pivotal to my walk with God. In Job 42:5, during Job’s moment of confession and repentance, he references how his ears have heard of God but now his eyes have seen Him. As I headed into the following week and having already received a new email stating that my application for May graduation was inactive due to not passing the exam, I had settled with the fact that I would have to retake the exam and applied for an August graduation application. Well, so I thought. During that same week, right before a phone call with our pastor who had released a word on that Sunday that things were going to turn around, I received an email stating that the department had met and that they were eliminating the need for students to pass the exam and that I do not have to retake the exam or the class! I would be able to move forward with graduating in May. I was speechless! Then this scripture in Job resurfaced. As a believer, day in and day out, I have heard with my ears about our powerful God. Now, I can say that I have seen Him at work with my own eyes! Have your eyes seen Him?

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I enjoyed every bit of this. The book of Job is a great book . The lesson and the courage he had to endure keeps me encouraged. Job is an example of staying on the wall no

matter what. Thank you for this beautiful message. Connecting to GOD


Woman of God , This blessed me it gives us the encouragement that Temporary is just that's not Permanent A current problem seems overwhelming..But God...

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